Choosing the right career

As with anything in life, making the right choices requires a lot of effort, planning and careful consideration. Generally choosing can be as easy as it is hard . If you choose right, you will enjoy yourself and what you will be doing. The right job or career will definitely have a positive impact on you. Positivity boosts confidence and efficiency and that helps to bring out your A game. Looking for jobs is relatively easy for most compared to actually identifying the right job or dream job that is not motivated by money only.


The first step to a successful job search is figuring out which career is right for you. Like anything else in life, you won’t find what you’re looking for unless you know exactly what that is. A lot of people will give you advice, but ultimately, what kind of job you decide is best for you depends a lot on who you are. Sure, money is a factor, but your happiness on the job is determined by whether you like what you’re doing. It really pays to map out your career goals and aspirations, and figure out exactly what steps you need to get into the job you want– because you really can make it happen!

The following checklist can help to point you look in the right direction

  • Assess yourself, your capabilities and limits so that you do not over reach your choices.
  • Make a list of occupations to explore more or less in line with your assessment from first step.
  • Explore those choices fully so that you understand them at basic level minimum.
  • Create a shortlist of those that have the most ticks from the first three steps. Do not limit yourself though from the other choices.
  • Conduct informational interviews on the choices on your list from professionals, friends and colleagues, journals, first hand if you can as well as the internet to fully understand what is required and what happens in the job choices
  • If possible do a job shadow to see in real time and life what a day/week on that job curtails.
  • Lastly you can now make your career choice. If you followed the steps diligently then you should be able to pick not only something you can do but love also.

I stand to be corrected here and there but my parting words are that always differentiate between whats best and whats right. What is best normally compels you give up on certain necessary things while what is right hits the mark. Happy job hunting and good luck to those still trying to figure out their career path.


We all want to end up where this gentleman is,  with the best seat and best view of life at work. Please do not forget to comment with your views, tips and any helpful information to help others choose right.

Aviaconnect (M B Dube )


2 thoughts on “Choosing the right career”

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