Get an early start

Like I said in my earlier posts, Aviation industry covers a lot of fields with a lot of opportunities. The adage “Early bird catches the fattest worm” cant be further from the truth when aiming to get into aviation and engineering. The earlier you start preparing for a career in Aviation and engineering in general the better.

Engineering in general requires a lot of free and creative thinking and this favors someone who adopts an attitude of “no limits to possibilities” because in the Aviation industry there is a popular saying captioned by the picture below

Anything is possible in engineering, you just need to find the right way to achieve it.

Parents, adults, brothers and sisters encourage the little ones to be creative in life early on, even just by building toy structures because that in its own way is a piece of engineering

Most students nowadays shun Maths, Physics, Biology and Chemistry under the premise of them being too hard and complicated and not mattering later on in life. At times us as seniors do not help the situation by shunning or dodging anything mathematical in nature including helping them with Math and Science homework. Learn to love your Maths and Sciences early in life and find a way to be creative in that environment and you will see how much more is in store for you and your young ones.

Aviation engineering likewise deals with numbers a lot, actually its built on a Mathematical platform across board. Weight, velocity, speed, graphs, rates, intensities and lot more, but fear not. We now live in a digital world and most of these calculations and mathematical jargon are automated so half the job is already done for you. You still need to add your own input though because at the end of the day you are dealing with a machine which cannot think like a human being despite the advances in AI(artificial intelligence). And lets face it machines are susceptible to breakdowns, glitches and mishaps and if you have done even just your minimum basics you know that you are covered. Imagine the time and money that you will save the company if you are that hands on, not leaving out the confidence and morale boost you get.

Don not limit yourself, embrace your passion from an early age and like they say Its wiser to dream during the day because you can make reality out of it. See yourself here airbus-872468_1920

Or hereaircraft-250544_1920

Even before you get there, someone made it and so can you. You will face setbacks along the way just like we all do, that should be your motivation to keep pushing  towards your goal, your passion and desire for a better and enjoyable job in future.

Thank you

AviaConnect (M B Dube)






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