How To Prepare For A Flight

We all know the hustle we get at the airport, even if you have prepared adequately at times. To be on the safe side prepare adequately anyway. Below are 10 quick steps to prepare for a flight. These steps can only serve as guidelines, other factors come into play these days in light with the ever changing requirements of rules and regulations governing aviation.

  1. Look up the airline’s regulations. Different airlines have different rules about what you can bring aboard. You need to make sure you have all liquid items in your carry on/hand luggage. If an item is not allowed, you will have to put it in your check in luggage 🛅.
  2. Make sure  you have everything you need. Look through your suitcase and make sure you have everything. From extra socks to shoes. Sit down and think of anything you might have missed for at least 10 minutes. A checklist of your things might actually come in handy.
  3. Pair clothes into outfits for the duration of your trip. For example, you might be on vacation for 7 days. You need to make sure you can make 7 outfits for each day of the trip. With at least 2 extra outfits for formal occasions and one extra for aquatic activities in case you decide to take a dip.
  4. Do a quick look through your luggage and check to make sure you do not have anything illegal. Anything that you might have questions about, you need to look up. You do not want to commit an international crime unintentionally or by mistake. If you are carrying cutlery and knives for example, make sure they are properly wrapped before you pack them.
  5. Prepare for airport security. Give yourself ample time to navigate this arduous task as it might cause you inconveniences. Avoid carrying security risk things and be cooperative with the procedures. In some airports you even have to remove shoes during security check. 
  6. Weigh your bags at home. Get a scale and put your bag on it evenly. Then round it to the nearest 10th. Look at the airline’s regulations on bag size. Be prepared to pay whatever average fee they might have. If you are carrying heavy, I suggest you buy an extra bag while purchasing your ticket. It’s far much cheaper and convenient than shipping separately.
  7. Make sure you have all your things in order. This includes tickets, IDs, debit cards and passports. You need to put these in a zip case you keep with you at all times. Put the case in your carry on/hand luggage. This way you’ll know where it’s at. 
  8. Examine your clothes. Look at metal things and remember where they are. You will go through a scanner and might need to take them off. Changing security measures are making it stressful for passengers passing through security, so anything that even you have doubts of just keep it close or call the airline and verify.
  9. Have someone drive you to the airport. Chances are you have a big suitcase to carry with you. I recommend having a family member or friend take you. It’ll help you in case you need to shed off some luggage to meet weight limits. Its quite painful if you have to leave your nice clothes or gadgets etc at the airport with the premise that they will be destroyed later. Some things are of sentimental value, so it helps having someone who will take the things back home if need be.
  10. Bring some entertainment with you. iPads, kindle, Nooks, eReaders and laptops are all great forms of entertainment. Before your flight, try to fill your devices with books, movies and songs. This way you’ll have an endless collection of entertainment to keep you from being bored especially if you have lengthy connections. If you don’t have any of these devices, try to bring a book that you might enjoy to read during the flight.

If you are in the Northern Hemisphere I wish you all safe travels on your way back home as the holiday season is drawing to an end. To everyone else travelling for whatever reason I wish you all the same. Remember to take a mental note of your experiences especially at airports or during flights for future references. If there is anything unique someone experienced during their recent or older travels please share with us for the benefit of others. You can comment below or on our Facebook page AviaConnect.

Thank you all and God bless…

AviaConnect (M B Dube)

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