Commercial Aircraft Brands in the Current Market

Just like cars that have numerous brands and variants that we cannot keep up with, aeroplanes too have brands and variants that are difficult sometimes to keep up with.

This is an interesting topic that raises a lot debate throughout the aviation industry, which is the most popular aircraft brand? This is such a vague question because aircraft are rated according to a lot of things such as best cost per seat per mile, fuel efficiency, carrying capacity, flying distance to name a few. I will not go into all of that for today. I just want to make you all aware of the different aircraft brands currently in service with the obvious popular ones being Boeing, Airbus and Tupelov manufacturers of wide and narrow body aircraft while Embraer and Bombardier concentrate on regional airliners. Today its less writing and more visuals so you can put a name to a model.

emirates-airlines-airbus-a380-5.jpgAirbus A380-841 This is the biggest commercial jet airliner in service – Germany and France.





Airbus A350-941. For me this is most good looking airliner in service right now – Germany and France




Airbus A340-600. The longest airliner in service from nose to tail – Germany and France.

Boeing-747-8Boeing 747-8i  The second biggest jet airliner in service – USA



Boeing 777-300ER. Probably the most common long range commercial airline in service. In service since 1996 – USA



Boeing 7879. Despite its start up issues it has established itself quite well – USA




Bombardier C Series. The Canadian airliner





Embraer 190 – Brazil
Russian Tupolev TU – 154
Canada’s Bombardier Dash 8
Ilyushin Il-96-400M

There are many other brands and variants of commercial passenger aircraft in the world but most of them not as popular as the big leagues named above. You can comment below with the ones you know and are your favorites. Mind you I was only concentrating on commercial passenger aircraft currently in operation. Its been a while since my last post, did this one to get my mojo back. Hope you will enjoy it.

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