Air Travel Holiday Tips

The end of year holiday season is upon us and everyone is super excited and everything is just hectic and moving so fast. If you are in Europe you know how difficult it is at times to get a break from work and at times u get it last minute raising a worry whether its too late for u to travel or not especially by air. Fear not, every airline wants to fill up their planes especially over holidays and lots of bargain tickets tend to be available up until the last permissible minute. You just need to be vigilant and use all resources you have get it. My suggestion would be to go to sites such as or and look for deals to your destination. Another route to take of course is to go to your airline site and look for deals there. Trust me there will be plenty for a bargain. If you dont want the hustle of checking for yourself you can always use your trusted travel agent as they can do it faster for you or simply call the airline.

Because of the high increase in passenger traffic, it pays to be patient as this helps the people handling your flight logistics to do their jobs and hopefully get you to where you want on time. Chances are that you might be delayed as other passengers might have special needs such as disabilities or kids or elderly people so help where you can in terms of mobility but PLEASE NEVER CARRY STRANGER’S LUGGAGE for whatever reason unless you are absolutely sure of what you are doing. Too many criminals posing as people in need and you end up with incriminating on your hands.Heath 1

The travel part of the aviation industry falls under the hospitality industry and they always stay up to date with the times include Christmas. To make the long waiting times and noisy environment bearable take time to participate in some merry activities and share the Christmas spirit with fellow travellers but never forget TO KEEP YOUR EYE ON TIME. You can even do last minute bargain gifts shopping in airport duty free shops.

Typical shopping areas like the one above are found on most big and small airports alike. Munich airport above obviously went a long way to make theirs attractive.

760x160-t5-flight-connections-sign-bat5gen51.jpgAs you make your bookings its advisable not to take flights with longer than an hour and 45 minutes connections to allow time for delays that are bound to happen due to a lot of factors such snow, late and delayed flights connected to yours.

Airlines also go a long way to helping you feel the Christmas spirit during your entire journey so I urge you to be good sport and help out so that things run smoothly. Its not your job yes but you benefit in the end just this one time and these people are human and would be happy for the help as they are sacrificing their holidays to get you to where you want to be. Don’t say I told you this but if you see Santa on a flight or at the airport, hustle him for your present, its what he is there for anyway lol.

The last one, please clearly mark all your luggage and put a forwarding address or destination or phone number for contact in case it gets lost or misplaced as the baggage handlers are bound to make mistakes at some point considering the large volume of luggage they will be handling.

My wish is for all of you to get to your destinations happy but most importantly safe and in one piece and with all your belongings. So from all of us at AviaConnect we say

God bless you all and have fun.



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