Zim Govt unveils upgrade plans for R G M International Airport

Plans for the much needed and long overdue expansion of R G M International Airport have been unveiled by the government of Zimbabwe. Pictures provided show the plans for the new look airport with a total of 7 boarding gates that will be in place upon completion.

Critics have come down hard on this development, both positive and negative. My criticism is mixed, the expansion and redesign is long overdue.

Because of electricity supply issues in the country the airport could use a natural means of light like glass panels. Glass panels cut constructions and power costs and gives the building a green environment feel.

Dedicated floors for departures and arrivals gives a feel of organisation and are less confusing for passengers while increasing working space to setup check in gates and baggage concourses.

A provision for parking aprons and ramps during increased traffic times would also have been ideal if they are predicting an increase in traffic in the short to medium term.

The expansion is a good move, necessary in fact but I feel it does too little. This plan will only be short term if we ever have increased traffic leaving another expansion due within 5 years of the proposed expansion’s completion.

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