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FastJet airliner turned back due airport power failure at JNM Nkomo Intl airport.

On Tue 29th Jan 2019 a FastJet airliner on a scheduled flight from Harare to Bulawayo had to turn back for the capital as it could not land due to power failure at the destination airport of JNM Nkomo Intl airport.

According to the above report, airport stuff tried using car lights to guide the airliner in in what one would envision in an epic action movie scene. This goes to highlight the dire situation of the aviation industry under the current economic conditions in the country. Why there was no back up power still remains a mystery as international aviation practices and law require there be one.

This incident is just a tip of the iceberg on many safety and operational issues that are facing the aviation industry in Zimbabwe. If you have passed through RGM Intl airport you would have noticed ordinary farm tractors replacing the usual aviation equipment used for such tasks. In as much as they are able to perform the desired tasks entailed, they do not inspire much in terms of confidence and assurance that you are safe in that environment,

Am sure if you are a frequent traveler you have your own not so encouraging story to tell about your experience within the Zim aviation sphere from conveyor belts not working and no engineer in sight to fix it to running to an aircraft from the airport building in the rain. A lot needs to change if we want to market and attract aviation business. The only reason we have not had major incidences or disaster is because our aviation industry is not that busy as compared to those around us.